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The best style to choose to see those glorious Florida views is an Ultra View Style Pool Enclosure. Make the most of the scenery around your home with wide open bay areas without aluminum bracing to block your view. Many people are retrofitting their older style enclosures to this beautiful design for a modern and stylish as well as functional upgrade. If you live near a lakefront, golf course or beautiful Florida land, you won't want an obstructed view. This is your answer to a peaceful relaxing space to unwind in style. 

Ultra View Structure Pool Enclosure

Ultra View Pool Enclosures offer wide unobstructed view built for safety and strength and can be designed with any screen that fits your life style.

These modern, beautiful enclosures have many different style options to choose from. This is the perfect time to retrofit an older cage into this stylish design. The style you choose depends on your existing roof line, Your vision and what style and color you prefer , we offer bronze and white  and your budget. This is the great news Harmon's Services offers you, we have teriffic payment options so waiting for this relaxing oasis to begin is a thing of the past. We have an option for everyone's budget!  The sky is the limit, literally as with these cages you can see it much clearer!

Browse to our Loan Option link for more details. You may also call us anytime for questions. Customers are the priority with us and it's OKAY to ask away!

We also encourage you to look through our website at the different design styles we offer !

Standard Structure Pool Enclosure

Ultra View Pool Enclosures and Retrofits