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Extend the life of your screen with the ultimate in strength and durability.
 Extra Strength screen’s heavyweight weave is 50% stronger than the standard fiberglass screen mesh providing greater protection and long-lasting durability while offering excellent outward visibility. This screen is ideal for high usage areas where extra protection is needed.

 When would I use Extra Strength screen over standard Fiberglass screen? Extra Strength Screen is most useful in areas where more strength is needed such as Pool or Patio Enclosures, or anywhere that children or pets may bump into.

What is the difference between Extra Strength screen and Pet Resistant screen?

Extra Strength screen is made from Fiberglass yarn and was specifically engineered to perform well in large openings. Pet Resistant screen is made from a flexible polyester yarn that helps resist tears from animal claws.

Does a stronger screen mean that it is more difficult to see through?

No. In addition to increased durability,  Extra Strength screen offers excellent outward visibility.

What makes ADFORS screen safer? Extra Strength Screen is now ortho-phthalate which certifies that the product has low chemical emissions

Ultra Screen/Poly Screen/Super Screen FAQ's:

 • 50% stronger than standard screen after 1000 hours of weather         exposure

• Longer lifespan than standard screen

• Perfect for large windows, doors and other high usage areas that need    extra protection against active pets and young children

Ultra Screen/Super Screen/ Poly Screen/Extra Strength Screen 

Benefits of Extra Stength Screen: