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Helpful tips to prepare your enclosure

Storm Preparedness

We wanted to share some tips with our customers on helping protect your screen enclosure during extreme weather conditions.
Florida is a hot spot for hard rains, heavy winds, and hurricanes, even inland from the coast. We build all enclosures to Florida state wind codes which is your best line of defense. However, we have supplied some helpful tips to keep in mind should the need arise. We offer assistance to our customers with inspections and storm upgrades, and packages. Call us for more information and stay prepared!

Know Your Debris Path

Your best line of defense is to prepare even if the storm takes a detour. After all, this is FLORIDA!

Know wind destruction force

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​Create a pathway for airflow before winds get bad or even days before the storm is expected by taking the doors off your enclosure or opening them.

Remove all unsecured objects from your enclosure, such as patio furniture, plants, grills, or anything that can become a projectile inside your enclosure.

Get your enclosure checked out by your Contractor so they can inspect for anything that may need adjusting or tightened. Enclosure inspections are essential in Florida. Maintaining your enclosure year-round is a great idea.

Ensure that your bracing on your enclosure is adequate. If not, call to retrofit your enclosure with hurricane bracing. Do this before any storm comes into the picture. This will help minimize damage caused by extreme force winds.

Check your enclosure's hardware. Replace screws and fasteners that appear rusted or loose. Corrosion-resistant fasteners and screws are an excellent way to keep your structure strong all year long. It may seem like a small thing, but it has a significant impact on the overall structure.

Finally, and most importantly, maintain your landscape, including trees all year round.  Heavy rains will rot tree roots causing the roots to weaken. The last thing you want is a fallen tree or limbs on your enclosure.