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*Makes the most of smaller spaces for gathering outdoors in comfort.
*Insect free family time and relaxation.
*Helps block out harsh Florida Sun.
*Encourages outdoor time in the sunlight so you get your dose of   Vitamin C!
*Can help prevent skin damage with certain screen.
*Adds value to your home.
*Gives you more living space for leisure nights or party gatherings,
*Provides your enclosure space with some shade and a composite roof system significantly lowers the temperature for outdoor comfort in Florida.

Screen enclosures most times have interchangeable names which can get confusing so we decided to break them up and give each product it's own page and educate our customers on the slight differences so you can decide which is best to suit your lifestyle and home. Screen Unders are openings that we frame out and screen "under" the structure opening. These are great for small spaces , to make a cozy outdoor area!

Screen Unders

Benefits of Screen Unders: