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*We also do:

Combo Roof Styles - Composite roof style combined with a Screen Roof for a seamless transition from sun to shade.

Faux Shingles

Combo Composite and Screen

Ask our Experts!

Gable Screen Roof

Shed Screen Roof

Different Roof Styles

During your free estimate, ask about any of these designs that may appeal to you! Keep in mind experience has led us to advise you on what we think would be best for your home design and other factors that may come into play!

Roof Styles are an essential thing to consider when it comes to a Home Addition or a  Custom Pool Enclosure, Recreational Cage, or Composite Roof Structure. Leave it up to us to help you choose what style best fits your home! Function and lifestyle play a significant role as well. If the sun and heat are a bit to much for you, consider a partial composite roof lanai area leading to your new beautiful enclosure. Ask questions! We have added this page to educate our customers on what styles we offer.

Composite Roof 

Let's start with common names you probably have heard of and show you examples of what they look like!

Mansard Screen Roof

Gable Hip Screen Roof

​Roof Styles

Dome Screen Roof