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Benefits of a Patio or Lanai:


What we offer:

1. Custom design to seamlessly enhance existing structure.

2. Different types of screen to fit your specific lifestyle

3. Composite roof, pavers or concrete for new builds and upgrades.

4. Combo roofstyle of screen and composite offering shade and         sun!

Considering screening in our patio or lanai? We agree it's a great idea! We have expertly trained techs that are efficient and do an amazing job. We strive to get you on the schedule quickly and offer the best designs! We offer payment options so your new patio or lanai is just a call away! Quick , easy and efficient.

*Helps Pool Safety Requirements
*Insect free family time and relaxation
*Helps block out harsh Florida Sun
*Can help prevent skin damage with certain screen.
*Adds value to your home
*Gives you more living space for leisure nights or party gatherings
*Provides your enclosure space with some shade and a composite roof   system significantly lowers the temperature for outdoor comfort in Florida.