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Benefits of P4 Premium Poly Screen

P4 - Pool & Patio Premium Polyester

P4 (Pool & Patio Premium Polyester)  P4 screen maintains its color, visual appearance, and structural integrity much longer than traditional fiberglass products. While P4 is produced with a denser construction than traditional 18x14 fiberglass screen, it still allows considerable light transmittance and air flow. Choose P4 Pool & Patio Premium Polyester For the strongest, most durable pool cage screen there is. 

 • Significantly stronger than traditional 18 x 14 fiberglass screen

• Heavy duty polyester construction provides durability and longevity

• Ortho-phthalate free, environment friendly coating.

  Mesh: 17x20 & 17x14

Why should I choose P4 Screen?

P4: Pool & Patio Premium Polyester Screen, the premier pool and patio cage screen is a longlasting product that can withstand debris, animals, children, and the harmful effects of the sun and elements, ensuring a long lasting screen enclosure.

How is P4 different from other polyester products?

The strength is what makes the difference. Third party lab testing concluded P4 has the highest burst points than any other product on the market.

What makes ADFORS screen safer?

Pool & Patio Premium Polyester (P4) is ortho-phthalate free. This means lower chemical emissions.

P4 Preminum Poly Screen FAQ's: